Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IF-Poem (Robot Poem)

Of course this is translated from the original ones and zeros of binary code.


Poet said...

Love the balance of joyful, fun-looking robots and the stark, macabre timbre of the poem.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks, I wasn't (am still not) sure it works design-wise. I might revise it later.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Mean ol' robots. :(

Design wise, if I were to suggest any changes , it would be to add more detail to the bodies. The head/eye has that terrific highlight that lends it weight, but the bodies hold less visual interest. Also, a lighter center to the explosion might help.

Did you notice the face you created in this design? Take another look.

Jack Snider said...

Yes, I noticed th face. I like it. The design is a "split composition". Something usually considered bad design. I don't think it really works but what the hell. It's just a goofy thing I hacked out. I think the concept could work if I put more time into it.