Monday, September 15, 2008


Howl 4

Howl 3

Howl 2

Howl 1


blackbird said...

it's like a monster's inc. monster! what does he eat?

Jack Snider said...

That rarest of delicacies, the souls of investment bankers.

Poet said...

I dig the little beastie! Does he ward off smarmy people?

Jack Snider said...

I don't know... Are you experiencing a smarmy infestation?

I once had a snark problem but that gave way to a bad case of creeping ennui. Now I fluctuate between an odd upbeat apathy, with occasional outbreaks of righteous indignation.

Poet said...

I am having problems with a couple lascivious smarmies and I need something to chase them off. Seems Sarah Palin only encourages them.(could someone hand me the disinfectant wipes?)