Sunday, September 20, 2009

Transmission from Planet Sketchbook


blackbird said...

how did you get this effect? or is it directly beamed out your eyeballs onto a projector?

Jack Snider said...

Here's the recipe for "Jack's Pointless Internet Tripe."

Step 1) Break your scanner.

Step 2) While putting off getting a new scanner take a digital picture of drawings.

Step 3) Upload photo.

Step 4) Open in Photoshop and change color and contrast under Image/Adjustment/Selective color(or other).

Step 5) Under the filter menu apply spotlight filter.

Step 6) Duplicate layer, apply halftone(linear) filter and lower opacity (57%).

Step 7) Duplicate Duplicate layer, go to image adjustment/invert, and reduce opacity again (18%).

Step 8) With your eraser tool set on 300 brush at 42% opacity erase a circular area in center.

Step 9) With your Brush tool set at 50% emphasize white highlight, then with a splatter brush add some random texture.

Lapsed time approximately 45 minutes spread out over a couple of days when I didn't feel like doing something that might have actually improved my quality of life (This is the closest thing I have to hobby).

blackbird said...

0: ... wow.

also, i'm pretty sure i saw the long-lost missing 7th snider brother a few days ago. he looked exactly like a combo of you and jon, had a good 5 o'clock shadow going, was bald, built the same way, had a bit of a short temper but was still witty while he helped me load a couch into a truck.

Jack Snider said...

Sorry you asked?...

I wouldn't be all that surprised if an unknown brother showed up. (And whaddya mean short tempered!)

blackbird said...

hee hee hee. he was a tad on the grumpy side. but grumpy people are my favorites! which is why i stick to your brother like an urchin (and then he pries me off)