Monday, May 07, 2007



Anthony Carpenter said...

Boy, there's nuthin' quite like an icky, sweaty American icon. :)
I always thought there was sumthin' wrong with that guy.

Cool drawing/colors. I really like the background.

Cliffie said...

I have alerted your son's friend Alex about your Icky Mickey. He might have something to say about your treatment of his hero.

Jack Snider said...

Glad you liked the colors.

I'm sorry, please don't send the young legion of Disney collectors after me.

This is not actually Alex's hero but in fact a third cousin twice removed, who briefly worked as a stand in for that more famous mouse until he was removed for nibbling on the studio head's lunch and leaving "little presents" under his desk.

Besides, I think Alex is becoming a Looney Tunes fan now. (My favorites also.)