Friday, May 04, 2007


Revised: 5/5/07 10:24 PM


Anthony Carpenter said...

Fook to you, as well, Ook. :)

This one is really odd, funny, but odd (and that's saying a lot, considering). :)
What was this for? Just for fun or something else?

I like the line work and coloring (especially on his leopard skin onesy). The rock/cave shapes are very cool.
The cave entrance could be a little darker, though.

Of course, my favorite thing about it is the little skull. :)

Jack Snider said...

Fook yeah it's odd!

Really it's just something from the outer regions of weird in my sketchbook. I purposely colored it really fast. I agree the cave could use a darker color but I kind of like the softness of the background color. I was attempting in the background to imitate the Golden Books style backgrounds but without the same figure style.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Nice revision.
The darker purple pops the character much better. It looks fooking great. :)