Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Back in the 70's we all had a creepy uncle who would tell us scary stories. He had a cousin named Eerie and they had a gorgeous friend named Vampirella who was really out of this world.
Warren Magazines were a nice step up out of superhero comics and into adolescence. The more mature and risque stories and art provided a great outlet for some of the best comic artist in the business to tell more mature stories. There was a kind of carnival fun quality to them. They didn't take themselves too seriously.


Poet said...

I always was, and still am, a fan of not just Vampirella, but that whole genre. Thanks for resurrecting Uncle Creepy

Anthony Carpenter said...

That is one creepy Creepy! :)

Cool lighting and color.
Thanks for the reminder of a time when great art reigned supreme.

Ah, nostalgia.

Jack Snider said...

Those were the days...