Monday, October 01, 2007


These sketches were done in marker at the same time as the previous sketches. The color was added later. The pictures weren't intended to relate to one another, but, especially now that they're colored, they look almost like a comic page. I've been thinking of a narration to add. I'll post it if it works.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Very cool page, Mcshmendrick!
The colors are great; Especially the misty green section. Amazing texture there.
It really does have the appearance of one of those free-form comic pages from a 60's/70's style horror mag.
I look forward to reading the story you come up with for this (It would be nifty to see an entire comic utilizing this treatment).
Oh, and I really dig the little Frazetta-y demon guy.

Jack Snider said...

Thank you McGillacutty!

I'll post it if I can get it to work. The layout is a bit wonky.