Saturday, September 29, 2007


I sketched these in marker, then later colored in Painter while I watched an interview with author Richard Matheson online. Matheson's the author of "I Am Legend", "The Incredible Shrinking Man", "Somewhere In Time", some great episodes of the "Twilight Zone", adapted the "Night Stalker" for television and has written many other T.V. shows and books.


Poet said...

I love the character on the faces.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Ben.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Nice variety of mugs.

I really like the killer robot in the center and those gestural dudes in the right hand corner.

Kudos to your choice of entertainment as well. :)

Jack Snider said...


Matheson is a legend.

Here's a link to the interviews if your interested. The interviewer could have done a better job but there's a lot of interesting stuff here if you're willing to hang in there.


Jack Snider said...

If you do go there you'll notice my drawings of him aren't even close to a likeness.