Tuesday, September 18, 2007


(More cruel ridicule.)


Poet said...

Isn't that the guy that used to work on Uncle Bob's farm?

Jack Snider said...

Hah! Could be that's where he comes from. I just like drawing funny faces because I'm mature like that ;)

Anthony Carpenter said...

Great Character! He's got a little W.C. Fields in him.
Somewhere out there is a guy that looks just like that, sitting at a truck stop, nursing a coffee and trying to hit on the waitress (who is 65 and smokes like a furnace).

Maturity is the bunk! :)

Jack Snider said...

"Great Character! He's got a little W.C. Fields in him."

Thanks. Without the wit and sparkle of course.

Kharma demands that someday I'll look just like this.

"Maturity is the bunk!"

You're right. I keep forgetting.