Saturday, September 15, 2007

Color Sketch

I keep trying to simply add some color to my sketchbook drawings and post them. Hours later I find myself still tinkering and experimenting with them. Although I enjoy and probably gain something from the process, I sometimes wonder if I should just post them in pencil. The name of this blog is Leadheaded after all.
On the other hand, these could just be referred to as digital studies for actual paintings.
This one is odd in that I originally imagined it to be more blue. Somehow I ended up coloring it in warm browns and reds! I bet if I do paint it, I'll color it completely different again. I have a tendency to take off for places without knowing how to get there.

(Then again blue/green's nice.)


Anthony Carpenter said...

I'm partial to the warm one, myself.
She's got a great face. I like the lighting and design. My favorite element is the little moon man engulfed by her curl.

I'm glad that you don't try to explain anything with these. It's more fun to let them stand on their own.

As for the posting of the pencil art, please do. Post them side by side with the color versions. It's interesting to see the changes that take place.

Jack Snider said...

I'm not sure I could explain this one. Glad you like it.