Saturday, September 22, 2007

Space Jam

This started from a sketch I did when I was listening to a John Coltrane CD. He and his band were jamming and it kept building up into the stratosphere. I've done three versions of this in color. The first was in watercolor and the other two in the program Freehand. here are the other two:




Poet said...

Haven't I seen this one before? Is there an earlier incarnation? Enquiring minds want to know.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Dare I say it?
This picture is really . . . JAZZY!
I know, I know! I'm sorry I said it, too.

But, it is a cool picture. The colors really pop. Great design and use of type.
This would be a good image for a poster.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks gents. I added to the post to address your questions Ben. I don't know why I've done so much with this picture.