Thursday, March 29, 2007


I just finished painting this little mutant. I started, thinking I was only going to do a quick warm up, but then just kept going. There are some things I'd like to change but overall I think this looks pretty good. My son, who is 7, is learning about Monet in art class. He said I should paint something nice next. Something like Monet. So, maybe the next thing I paint will be water lillies (with weird tentacled creatures lurking just below the surface). This was painted in acrylic paints on (not the best)watercolor paper.

Below is my first sketch of the picture. It was drawn with Prismacolor pencils. I like this more in a lot of ways. He's squatter and cuter, and the light background is less foreboding.

Here are some photos of the painting in progress.


Poet said...

I don't think the light in the final draft is forboding. I think it makes him look like a lost alien. Kinda like ET. Sorta. OK, not really. But you get the point.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Ben!.
I recently watched E.T. after not having watched in forever. I was pleasantly surprised.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Cool beans, painter man!
I dig the new version. It has a haunting quality that the sketch doesn't.
The colors are terrific.

More like this and you might just make the big time. :)

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony!