Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scary Mug

No matter what your political loyalties may be,
you really must agree,
all enemies must beware,
Condoleeza's deathray stare.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Ooooh, the poetry and art combo special. I should have worn a tie. :)

Fan-freakin-tastic, Mr. Snider! You really captured that creepy scowl of hers. Love the freckles. HI-larious!

If they leave any of your fingers working, write to me from Gitmo.

Poet said...

I don't know what I like the best; the picture, the post, or Anthony's comment. Well, I quess I like them all!

The earrings were a nice touch. She must be "diplomatizing" with one of the countries that dislikes us!

Jack Snider said...

Thanks guys.

I don't think I captured just how scary her stare really is (maybe nobody can).

I think she proves that you can be extremely intelligent and serious minded but still be as wrong as the goofy doofus next to you.

I'm expecting a knock on the door any minute.