Monday, March 05, 2007


Again, like the kid with the bad teeth that I posted before, this isn't a caricature of anyone. It was a sketchbook ink drawing that was scanned and colored in Photoshop. The graphic style of the picture is a nod to my friend Anthony Carpenters Sketchville blog posts (see links list at right).


Anthony Carpenter said...

Very Loung-a-licious!
This guy looks "connected". :)
You should do a whole series of these.

Jack Snider said...

Now, I knew you'd like this one.

I have some more mugshots somewhere. If I can ever locate them I'll slap some color on them and offer them to the great web tiki of Sketchville... or something.

I know you like drawing thug mugs as well-howzabout we see's somma doze.

Not that I ain't enjoyin' da ladies or nuttin'...