Thursday, June 21, 2007

Strange Creature

Here's a sketchbook sketch. Although small, I like the way this one looks.


Poet said...

Kind of a monkey demon thinga-ma-jig. Cool.

Jack Snider said...

That's pretty much how I'd describe him.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Wow, your self-portraits have come a long way!


All kidding aside, this is some very lovely pencil work and a very cool design.

Michael Mason said...

Looks like a combo between the Grinch, Yoda, and Gollum =)

Terrific sketch. It really has a feeling of life to it.

Michael Mason said...

This really has the look of a Darrel K. Sweet painting..especially if you look at some of his Xanth covers where you see close ups of ogres etc..the wrinkley faces etc. Somehow your pencil work reminded me of that.

Jack Snider said...

Anthony: ... and the ladies called me Monkey Demon. Thanks!

Thanks Mike! I'll have to check out the Sweet stuff you mentioned.