Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is Vern. He has a nose for trouble.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Holy Toledo! That is one heckuva beautiful pencil drawing!

Did your recent virus leave you with new found powers? Were you bequeathed a magic pencil by a dying wizard? Did you sell your everlasting soul to ol' Scratch himself?

Or, are you just a darn good artist?

It's prob'ly that last one.

I'd love to see this guy go toe-to-toe with Marv from Sin City.

Michael Mason said...

This is an amazing drawing Jack. Love the lighting and the characterization. This guy looks like an old mob dude or that janetor in grade school that you never wanted to mess with.

Definately a keeper!

Jack Snider said...

Anthony: Definitely owes something to Sin City. (I doubt I'd get much for my soul.)

Mike: Glad you like it.