Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vern in Color


Anthony Carpenter said...

Man, I think I'm tearing up a little here.

This is a really fantastic.



The color choices, the lost edges, the overall design, every thing's on the money.

Poet said...

Master class big brother, master class.

Michael Mason said...

Ok one thing with the color version here..the downturn of his mouth wasn't as evident to me at first.

The pencil sketch version he looks more growtchy/menacing, but the color version with the way the shadow is placed near the mouth, he almost looks more pensive like a half smile maybe.

The colors and mood are great.

Michael Mason said...


please disregard my creative spelling in the last post...

This is a terrific piece Jack.

Jack Snider said...

Wow. Thanks guys! I really was just having fun trying to figure out a different way to color a sketch in Photoshop. It's interesting to see how the shading and coloring can affect the mood and intensity of a sketch. I just wish everything worked out so easily all the time as it did on this one.