Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Eyelien 2

A variation on the theme.
Maybe I'll paint this also.


Poet said...

I like it. It has a child-like wonder, as the alien seems fascinated and frightened of a simple lightning bug. Good colors too. Adds a 1950's science fiction feel.

Anthony Carpenter said...

Good call, Poet. It does have the qualities you mentioned.

The color on this one is outstanding. The glow of the firefly is perfect.

Although I like the weird bunny feet, I can
picture this guy as just a floating egg shape with no legs at all.

Either way, make with the paint, painter man!

Poet said...

Thank-you sir.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks for the astute comments Ben and Anthony. I like the suggestion about the legs. When I do it in traditional media I'll definitely try that.

Michael Mason said...

Another of the eyeball critters - these are great. Somehow you manage to cram a lot of personailty into a faceless eyeball thingy.