Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You Should See the Other Guy

This was to be the front of a get well card for my nephew who had been in a car accident. The inside of the card was going to show his face, after the bandages were removed, rearranged like a picasso painting . I wasn't sure how bad the injuries were to his face so I decided to do a less edgy card. As it happens his injuries were minor and he would have probably enjoyed the card. Still, I would have felt horrible if he was disfigured and then presented the card I had planned.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Nice! A very noir and moody piece.
Beautiful ink work. The shadows both hide and define . . .No easy feat, that.

It's probably for the best that you changed direction for the card. This one is pretty dark for a "Get Well" message.
This guy looks more like he's about to decide to don a mask and cape and become a vigilante crime fighter. That's pretty far away from well. :)

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony!
I love inking like this and enjoy it when I see others do it.
I think the concept would have worked for my nephew as he's also a comic fan. It does kind of look like a Frank Miller Daredevil panel.

blackbird said...

Heya nuncle Jack,

This is Jake on frauline Claudia's account.


that is all...

(claudia likes your work muchly muchly <3)

Jack Snider said...

Ahh the nephew speaks!

Glad you like it Jake. I still have the card around here somewhere.

From what I see on her blog Claudia's very talented also.