Monday, April 30, 2007



Anthony Carpenter said...

Very spooky.
The guy at the top looks almost like a zombie spaceman. Great modeling on him.
I love the single word, "Dead...".
Yeeeikes, shiver up the old spine and all that.
The loose sketchiness of these guys adds to the mystery.

Poet said...

Very Bradburrian. Something out of The Illustrated Man.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony. Glad I could put the cold chill of dead space into you.

Thanks Ben. I love Bradbury, of course, so that's a nice thing to hear. He writes beautifully.

These were sketches done on scraps of paper that I just grouped together in Photoshop and colored. They owe a lot to Jeff Jones, Wally Wood, and the great Al Williamson.

Michael Mason said...

..all great inspirations Jack. The loose style and heavy blacks are great. You are the man of 1000 styles.

I can see a whole graphic novel done in this style.