Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Random Sketches with Vibrant Pixel Colors

Some fun nonsense.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Cool page, Magee!
I like the colors you used. The skritchy white lines on the purple guy's pants are really nifty. I'm also partial to the blobby shape in the upper right hand corner.

*Please note that I did not mention any of the half nekkid broads, so's not to appear the GI-normous perv that I often cannot avoid being seen as.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony!

* Your secrets safe with me.

Poet said...

Good stuff bradda!

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Ben!
I'd like to get this free-form sense of play into my more commercial assignments as some artists manage to do.

Michael Mason said...

I think the flat colors work great with the (marker lines?).

The big guy's jacket and costume are cool.