Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Guy

You'll see this guy at various jobs at various companies. Something has happened to him. He's come to embody the monotonous dull routine of the job he does. The musty smell of old carpet, the annoying glow of flourescent tubes, the dry text of office memoranda; all of these have seeped into him as his will has seeped out. He seems nice enough, in a distant way. You might say hello or even engage him in small talk, but you'll never get to know much about him or what it is he does. You'll just know this: Whatever happened to him must not happen to you.


Anthony Carpenter said...

This is a perfect depiction of a surly office drone. This guy has been there waaaay too long and is probably never leaving.

I like the simple line work on his body and the way it helps focus attention on his angry face. The hands are great.

I shuddered a bit when I read the text.

Jack Snider said...

Glad you enjoyed it Anthony and thanks for the comments.

It's a strange but I think familiar experience to most people to encounter this guy.

Michael Mason said...

Agree with Anthony. I'll die before I go back.