Thursday, April 12, 2007

Heavy Ink

Here are a bunch of brush marker sketches.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Oooh, big, thick ink lines! I luvs 'em.

The person on the bench is terrific. The way you handled the trash can is cool as heck.

I also like the carrot-headed self portrait (the one where you're holding your . . .uh . . . your . . .um . . . you know . . . that there object there).

Poet said...

Nice. Very nice. Noir looking.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony! Just a story about a man and his enormous... pencil.

Thanks Ben!

Cliffie said...

Thanks for something a bit more "earthy" for us simple folks to appreciate. The Vonnegut thing was pretty esoteric, whatever that means.

Jack Snider said...

Sure, I get it- MORE DAMES!