Friday, April 13, 2007

Teutania and Sally May

You could read into thse drawings all sorts of psychological meanings and for all I know they might be there. The fact is though, that these are a result of a collaboration by my hand and paper while my mind is elsewhere. Mindless doodles. The names in the title are just what popped into my head when the computer asked me to name the scanned file.


Anthony Carpenter said...

Teutania: You have to take this one to a finish. I can just see her floating there over your wild, swirling psychadelic colorations. Yowza!

Sally May: Get ready! Here they come:

She gives head . . . ANY head!
She's getting a little aHEAD of herself!
She's HEADing for a fall!
She'll do anything to get aHEAD!

Ooh, I'm killing myself over here. No, wait! SHE'S killing me . . . and taking my head!

Oh man, I.m laughing my fool head off. I just hope she doesn't take that one, too!

Seriously, though, very cool drawing. I love the drippy bit and the heel of her boot. :)

One more: She went to a HEAD shop . . . and actually bought one!

I'm done now.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Anthony! I hadn't really thought about taking this to color but maybe now I will.

Re Sally May: Thanks Scott! I was wondering when you'd get around to- oh wait, I'm sorry Anthony, those are still your comments.

Thanks for the nice comments ButtHEAD ; )

Poet said...

Sally May reminds me of a cover of Conan I once saw. Cool stuff. name, cool chick. I would love to make a head joke, but Anthony took them all.

Jack Snider said...

Thanks Ben.
That Anthony, he's quite the joker.